New Design

Rusty Fig Redesign wants you to not only feel good in your space, we want you to thrive in it. Our comprehensive design services take all of the hassle out of the process for you through research, purchasing and installation supervision.

The result? – A space you feel comfortable, relaxed and excited to come home to everyday.

As part of our sustainable practice, we work with local craftsmen and one-of-a-kind shops to implement pieces that showcase your personality and seemingly fit into your curated space.

Our design services, include:

  • Furniture selections
  • Window treatments, blinds, shutters
  • Artwork
  • Area rugs/Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Paint selections and wallpaper
  • Tile selection
  • And more

What People Say

“Janet, at Rusty Fig, took the time to really understand my style and the way in which I use my space. We shared Pinterest boards to align on style. And she spent time in my space going over how I use it now, and how I’d like to use it in the future. Her process made me feel comfortable as I trusted that she understood my desires while creating excitement over the possibilities for the future — all while working with my budget. Since working with Rusty Fig, I feel at home like I’ve never been before and proud of my space. I quickly had friends over for a super bowl party to show it off! I would work with Rusty Fig again and have recommended her to my friends.” — Ryan

Let’s get started.

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