Bohemian Paradise

A client living in the historic district of Over the Rhine Cincinnati wanted a bohemian escape in urban living. She wanted lots of textures, plants, and to incorporate her favorite color palette: blush, emerald green, and a splash of gold. So we used some existing items from her travels, bought hand-crafted goods from downtown artists and reused her existing furniture.

Pretty In Hyde Park

This young professional had just moved to Cincinnati, and was ready to put down some roots. She bought this darling historic home, in a fantastic neighborhood, and was anxious to put her personal stamp on it. She wanted to honor the history of the home and incorporate her beautiful antiques and family heirlooms, but also wanted to inject a modern vibe. The look now reflects the homeowners vibrant personality, and has a light airy, modern/vintage vibe!

Home Sweet Home

This young couple got married and had to merge two households, and two different decorating styles. We were able to use furniture and accessories from both, and curated a look that they both love. Now they have nothing to argue about, and will live happily ever after!

Downtown Bachelor

This bachelor living downtown was busy and never had time to set up his home. He wanted someone to take over. So we did. We mixed together modern style with mid-century elements and some soft textures to create a warm and inviting space for his friends to gather.

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