Redesign is all about changing the way you design, by taking what you’ve already got and reimagining it into something brand new.

We use the treasures you have in your home, thoughtfully edit, rearrange things, mix it up, add some new items if necessary, and apply the proper design rules so your space can functionally make sense.

Using as many of your existing furnishings and decorative items as possible saves money, resources, and space in landfills.

The Process

  • Initial Consultation: We ask questions and listen to your answers. First, we’ll look around your home to see what we have to work with and go from there.
  • Resourcing: Ditch the lamps that Aunt Mabel gave you 20 years ago and anything else that doesn’t suit your style. Any extras you need to supplement what you already have will come from local shops, designer resources, or repurposed from antique stores.
  • Redesign Day – Once we’ve agreed on a plan and purchased new items, we come back to do our magic. Depending on the scope of the project, we typically complete the work in one day.

What People Say

“Janet is a design wizard! She has an eye that is magical for making a home truly feel personal and cozy. She took my house and turned it from drab to fab! I tried to imagine what it would look like when she was finished with it, but I didn’t even come close! She did SO much more than I ever could have imagined! I was at a loss for words as I walked around my house and looked at all the beauty she had created. I couldn’t believe it was mine and that I would get to live in this glorious creation! I cannot wait to have her talent added to the rest of my home! Truly a professional in her work!” — Kristine

Let’s Get Started

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