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"Sustainable Practices Are At tHe Heart of My Designs"

My ECo Approach

Rusty Fig Redesign recycles and reuses most of the existing items found inside your home. Our eco-friendly mindset reinvigorates your space while repurposing your old items in a new light (and saves you money too).

If you’re in need of other touches, I personally shop at various flea markets and one-of-a-kind locally owned stores on your behalf to find the perfect pieces for your unique space.

i'm Janet Baltzersen.

Hi, there. I’m Janet, founder and owner of Rusty Fig Redesign, LLC.

Born in California, raised in Australia, and now a Midwesterner (odd how things play out), I’ve seen a lot of the world and have a deep devotion to protecting the incredible places I’ve been – and the ones I’ve yet to have gone to.

In an effort to making your home beautiful, I believe we should do so by keeping our planet beautiful too. That’s why I created Rusty Fig Redesign. I believe everyone deserves a beautiful space to live while implementing sustainable practices, ethically sourced materials and partnerships with locally owned businesses.

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