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Designing a room or workspace can be tricky and intimidating. Knowing what size rug to get, where to hang art, how big the couch should be can be all  daunting tasks. I have a trained eye and knowledge to guide you through the whole process.

I can prevent you from making costly mistakes, and will get it right the first time. Besides, you're busy, and it's hard to find time to finish projects. I'll get it done for you so you can relax and enjoy it.

I have creative and unique ideas, and I know where to find personal touches. As soon as I walk into a space, my head floods with ideas. I've been that way as long as I can remember. Your space should be as unique as you are. 


Building a new home, updating your business, or remodeling can be overwhelming, so it's good to have someone in your corner. I know what questions to ask the contractors, and can make those hard phone calls if necessary. I can help make sure your vision is executed correctly by all parties involved. 



We use the items you have in your home, and recreate your space to have balance, flow and a fresh new feel.


Residential Design

We are here to help you create an environment that reflects your personality from start to finish. The perfect items will be procured to reflect your taste and lifestyle.  


COMMercial Design

We will save you time and work with you to create a work space that is functional, comfortable, and aligned with your vision and brand.  Don't you worry—we've got you.

service offerings:


Redesign is all about changing the way you design, by taking what you already have and reimagining it into something brand new.

We use the treasures you have in your home, thoughtfully edit, rearrange things, mix it up, add some new items if necessary, and apply the proper design rules so your space can functionally make sense. Using as many of your existing furnishings and decorative items as possible saves money, resources, and space in landfills.

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Residential Design

Rusty Fig Redesign wants you to not only feel good in your space, we want you to thrive in it. Our comprehensive design services take all of the hassle out of the process for you through research, purchasing and installation supervision.

The result? – A space you feel comfortable, relaxed and excited to come home to everyday.

As part of our sustainable practice, we work with local craftsmen and one-of-a-kind shops to implement pieces that showcase your personality and seemingly fit into your curated space.

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Commercial Design

You’re busy, we get it! Let us design your space, select the furnishings and decor, and complete the installation within your timeframe and budget.

If you need to modernize or upgrade your commercial space, Rusty Fig can work with you to create an environment that is visually beautiful, functional, and keeps the company's vision, branding, and culture in mind.

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Other Services

Paint Color Consultation: Interior, exterior, one room, or whole house.

New Build or Remodeling: 
Assistance selecting countertops, flooring, backsplash tile, plumbing and lighting fixtures—anything for your newly created space. 

Moving Services: 
Pre-move editing, staging-to-sell, and post-move set up, including furniture & décor arrangement, and hanging of artwork & mirrors.

Consultations - On-site help with furniture arrangement, where to hang art and mirrors, or any design dilemma.

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About my process


Initial Consultation

I will come to your home, ask you lots of questions, and discuss the project. I will them measure and take pictures. We will discuss, budget, timeframe and next steps. This is when I get to know you and what your needs are.



You will be sent a letter of agreement, and after that is signed, you will receive a digital presentation with design options for your project. Options will be added and deleted until the final selection is made.



Once we have agreed on final selections, and the design is final, furnishings, fixtures and accessories are purchased. 



When the project is ready to be implemented, a date will set for the installation. Depending on the scale of the project, we will spend 1-5 days installing art, furnishings and accessories. My favorite part of the process is the big reveal upon completion!



What if I don't like my stuff? can you help me select new Items?

Absolutely! It is always the goal to use as much of your belongings as possible, but sometimes that isn't possible. In those situations, I will procure a selection of furnishings and accessories to give you the room you will love.


I need help selecting finishes for my remodelling project. Can you help me make the selections?

Making selections can be a daunting task when building a new home or remodeling. I can take the stress out this process, by helping select finishes that give a room that curated look, that is consistent with your design style and goals. 

I can meet you at design stores to select countertops, backsplash tile, flooring, plumbing and lighting fixtures, appliances, and anything else you need. If you're short on time, I can bring you samples, or create a digital presentation with options.


I have a lot of projects,but can only afford to do them in stages. will you do my projects in stages over time?

Many of my clients are repeat clients. It's not always feasible to do a whole house project, but it is manageable to break it up into phases, and complete them when the time and budget allow. 
Over time I really get to know my clients and their design style, so each project moving forward is communicated easily and executed quickly and accurately.

Together we can create a timeline that works for you.

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